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What the heck is self-service BI?


Times are changing in the world of business intelligence it seams. Over the past decade we have seen BI tools evolve from the crude integrated development environment (IDE) into stunning tools that can be used by business analysts and power users. In many cases these tools have become so easy to use, that even a novice business user could analyze data. Many years ago BusinessObjects started this trend with Desktop Intelligence (As it’s known today) and Web Intelligence. While these tools were often labeled “ad hoc” reporting tools, a new breed of “self-service” BI tools have recently emerged.  With self-service BI gaining ground every day, one should ask why this trend has momentum. I believe there are a few reasons self-service is becoming a necessity in the mind of some organizations. At the same time I see huge potential for these tools to repeat the mistakes of the past. Within…

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