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Killing User Sessions in SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 SP3


A few weeks ago, SAP BusinessObjects released support pack 3 for the 4.1 build. There were several enhancements in this support pack and one in particular that adds much needed functionality to the Central Management Console (CMC). Administrators now have the ability to remove (Kill) a user’s session. This is a particularly important feature for organizations that have purchased CSBL (Concurrent Sessions Based Licenses). CSBL licensing allows an organization to scale and distribute the SAP BusinessObjects software as needed but it limits the system to a fixed amount of concurrent sessions. For example, Administrators can define 500 users in the CMC but, the system can be limited to 50 user logons at the same time. When a user logoffs, ideally their session is removed from the system allowing another user to consume that licenses at a later time. CSBL licensing is a bit of a gamble because administrators are effectively…

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