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Implementing SAP HANA – SAPinsider interview from HANA 2014


In this interview recorded live at HANA 2014, I discusses strategies and tactics for implementing SAP HANA.

Topics covered in the interview include:

  • Hardware considerations for implementing SAP HANA
  • Misconceptions about using SAP HANA with non-SAP data sources
  • How existing data sources and solution sets impact SAP HANA implementation strategies
  • How SAP HANA helps facilitate a sound self-service BI strategy.
  • What SAP customers are saying about their experience with SAP HANA

Some of this information is also discussed in our book, which I coauthored, titled Implementing SAP HANA from SAP Press.

Watch the Video

I would like to extend a big thanks to SAPInsider for granting me this interview opportunity. Below you will find some information about the various benefits of becoming an SAPInsider subscriber.

SAPinsider is the premier source of information on products and services from SAP and its partners

SAPinsider subscribers get:

  • Content galore! (Podcasts, videos, blogs, demos, webinars, and…

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