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Persisting Data to Optimize Dashboard Performance

Design Studio leverages the speed of HANA and the flexibility of HTML5 to produce intuitive dashboards that cater to the user experience. One hurdle that can detract from that experience is sluggish load times. While HANA can process large amounts of data relatively quickly, the query execution times aren’t always negligible when implemented in a front-end analysis application.

A solution that can solve the problem of large query execution times is the Metric Mart. By storing the output of a query in a custom table and building a simple projection HANA model on top of it, we can reduce the load times by orders of magnitude. The solution is easy to implement and is completely automated once it has been configured.

Start by creating a new package structure to store and organize the components of the solution. The five components required for the Metric Mart are:

1. Schema (.hdbschema)
2. Structure (.hdbdd)
3. Analytic View (HANA Model)
4. Stored Procedure (.hdbprocedure)
5. Scheduled Job (.xsjob)

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Narjit About Narjit Aujla

Narjit is a business intelligence consultant specializing in dashboard development  and data  modeling. Narjit delivers customized SAP BusinessObjects solutions for  customers across all  industries. With Decision First Technologies, Narjit utilizes Web  Intelligence, Design Studio,  HANA Studio, and Information Design Tool.

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