August 2018 

Getting to Excellence in Business Intelligence Webinar Series 

SAP HANA 2.0 Supports LDAP!

May 2018 

Protiviti’s Authors Set to Launch New Book, Data Provisioning for SAP HANA®

Demystifying SAP HANA®: Understanding Options, Determining the Best Path 

April 2018 

Developing a High Performing Data Management Organization 

Three Fundamentals for Building a Solid Data Governance Program 

What’s New in SAP S/4HANA Implementation? A Report from GRC2018

March 2018

Protiviti’s Brian Jordan Talks Data Mining

Tech Trends at BI/HANA 2018

February 2018 

Saving Analytical Data Without Violating GDPR – Part 2: Aggregation and Anonymization

Saving Analytical Data Without Violating GDPR – Part 1: Data Minimization and Masking

Want to Increase User Adoption? Try This Simple FRA2MEwork

Data Strategy Webinar Series

October 2017

Lumira 2.0 Discovery 

We Asked: What’s Your BW Strategy? The Answers Surprised Us

The End is Near! Planning Your SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 Upgrade

September 2017

Thinking of Upgrading to SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 SP4? – Not So Fast!

August 2017

SAP HANA Expert Webinar Series

June 2017

Creating Dynamic References in Universes

Bring the Power of SAP Analytics to

May 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need an SAP HANA Security Strategy

April 2017 

First Impressions of the New SAP BI Launchpad

Getting Started with BW/4HANA

February 2017 

How to Secure Information Views in SAP HANA 

Multistore Table Partitions in SAP HANA 2.0

October 2016

Building an One-Way ANOVA R Extension in SAP Predictive Analytics 

September 2016

50 Business Problems I’ve Addressed with Predictive Analytics, Data Science, and Advanced Analytics

August 2016

How Can I Increase the Value of My Marketing Investments Using Predictive Analytics – A Real Life Use Case

July 2016

How Can I Increase the Value of My Marketing Investments Using Predictive Analytics? 

SAP BI Running Embedded Into SalesForce

How Does SAP HANA Change the Traditional Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Process? 

June 2016

Using People Analytics to Increase Employee Loyalty

Creating Repository Roles in SAP HANA Studio

April 2016

2016 Security Webinar Series

What’s New in SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 SP2

March 2016

Key Considerations for Building Successful Analytic SAP HANA Models Part 2 – Design Considerations 

February 2016

Key Considerations for Building Successful Analytic SAP HANA Models

Data Quality Improvement with SAP Data Services

December 2015

Making SAP Information Steward a Key Part of Your Data Governance Strategy 

HANA Sentiment Analysis with SAP Predictive Analysis

What’s New in SAP Predictive Analytics 2.4?

Predictive Model Maintenance

November 2015

Deciding How to Implement Your Predictive Models

SAP Predictive Analytics Custom R Component for Correlation Plot

October 2015

Price Optimization with SAP Predictive Analytics

Text Analysis with SAP

SAP Information Steward: Monitoring Data in Real Time

Maximizing SAP Data Services

September 2015

Predictive Analytics: Where Do I Start?

Mastering the SAP HANA Backup and Restore Process 

Why Predictive Analytics?

August 2015

Protect Your SAP HANA Investment with HA and DR Options

July 2015

Life as an Intern

Save on SABOC & Score Big on Education, Influence & Networking

Connecting to Salesforce Data Through SAP BusinessObjects

June 2015

Best New Features in SAP Predictive Analytics 2.2

May 2015

Persisting Data to Optimize Dashboard Performance

March 2015

Lumira Edge Install

St. Patrick’s Day!

A Q&A with Dashboards in SAP BI

Welcome to the New SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0!

Introducing SAP Lumira Edge Edition

February 2015

My Favorite “What’s New” Feature of SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 SP5

Why do Join Types Matter in a SAP HANA Information View

Haun talks HANA

Groundhog Day!

November 2014

A Conversation with the Authors of “Implementing SAP HANA”

Analyzing and Predicting Hospital Readmission Rates

October 2014

Exploring GIS Integration Options for SAP BusinessObjects

Connecting On-Premise Systems to Cloud Infrastructure

August 2014

SAP Real-Time Enterprise Brings Real-Time Problems

July 2014 

What’s New in SAP Lumira and Predictive Analysis 1.17?

Intro to Data Services Workbench

June 2014

An Agile and Relevant BI Foundation Built on SAP HANA

What’s New in SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 SP4

May 2014

Using Design Studio with Semantic Layer Universes

Implementing SAP HANA – SAPinsider Interview from HANA 2014

Defining Alias Within Your Datastore in Data Services

SAP HANA and the Application Function Modeler

April 2014

Killing User Session in SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 SP3

SAP HANA and Intel’s Ivy Bridge V2

March 2014

ASUG Data Governance Webcast

February 2014

Don’t Miss the Most Significant Events of the Year! BI 2014 and HANA 2014!

Modeling with SAP Infinite Insight

Making SAP Information Steward a Key Part of Your Data Governance Strategy – Part 2

Publishing Stories to Lumira Cloud

January 2014

Fun and Useful Features in Information Steward 4.2

December 2013

Bullets on BI Mobile

Why is SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 SP2 So Amazing? “Group by Variables”

Integrating Secure FTP into Data Services

Compressing Snapshots in Data Services

November 2013

Making SAP Information Steward a Key Part of Your Data Governance Strategy

What’s New in SAP BusienssObjects 4.0 SP8?

Extracting Metadata from OBDC Sources

October 2013

What’s New in SAP Lumira 1.0.12

How to Secure Information Views in SAP HANA

Static Variables in Data Services Functions

What the Heck is Self-Service BI?

Implementing a Customer Lifetime Value Predictive Model: Use Case

September 2013

Building Transactional Delta Tables with SAP Data Services

SAP Acquires KXEN – What does this mean for Predictive Analytics?

SAP Predicitve Analysis and the MLB Post Season

August 2013

What’s New in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 SP7?

SAP BI 4.0 SP7 Uses SQL Anywhere 12.0 Database

BusinessObjects Suite 4.0 SP6: Explorer

Webinar: Mobile BI Expert Series

July 2013

BusinessObjects Suite 4.0 SP6: Web Intelligence

Custom R Modules in Predictive Anlaysis

Getting Started with SAP Data Quality (Part 3)

Sharknado Social Media Analysis with SAP HANA and Predictive Analysis

June 2013

A Quick How-To: Leveraging BI Web Services to Deliver Data to Dashboards

Webinar: Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Summer Webinar Series

Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality

What to Expect in SAP BusinessObjects 4.1

Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality (Part 2)

What’s New in Predictive Analysis Version 1.0.11

May 2013

What’s New in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 SP6

What’s New in Predictive Analysis Version 1.0.10

April 2013

Enabling BI4’s Email Destination to Work with Encrypted Email Servers

SAP Predictive Analysis 1.0.9 – What’s New?

SAP Predictive Analysis Installation 

Webinar: Harness the Power of Big Data with Predictive Analysis & SAP HANA – Now On-Demand

Decision First Experts to Author Book on “Implementing SAP HANA”

March 2013

Implementing Rank Functionality in SAP Data Services

Data Services Functions, an Exercise in Base Number Conversions

Column-Level Security with Information Design Tool: Using Business Security Profiles to Secure Objects and Customize Reporting Experience

SAP HANA Backup Notes

What is Null and Why it is Important for Crystal Reports

February 2013

Integrating SAP Data Services with SAP BusinessObjects Planning 

There is Still Life for Web Intelligence in 2013

Quick Customization for the BI Launch Pad

January 2013


November 2012

What’s New in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0

Backing Up & Restoring SAP BusinessObjects

January 2012

Patch Management and SAP BusinessObjects 4.0



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