SAP BI Running Embedded Into SalesForce

I come across a lot of situations where customers run SalesForce and ask me whether they can combine their SalesForce data with other corporate data. A most recent request was to combine SAP BW Copa data (profitability analysis) with SalesForce data on clients with payment risks. Today this can be easily be done using data blending techniques of the SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite. More in particular, I used the SAP Lumira salesforce IDBC connector to connect to the customer’s SalesForce data and blend it with their SAP BW data.

But customers these days require more than just combining their SalesForce data with other data. They require to have the full SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite running embedded into their SalesForce environment. With the use of Protiviti SalesForce Connect for SAP Analytics, this can be done.

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